Rainbow of Hearts – Heal The World is the informal organization which was created by the example of Michael Joseph Jackson's charity to consolidate the efforts of individuals and organizations for the adoption and development in society of spiritual and moral values on the basis of love, compassion, openness and trust. 

Rainbow of Hearts – Heal The World organizes and conducts actions of mercy, and also participates in joint actions of mercy of other friendly organizations. 

The date of the creation of this organization is 18 July 2009.




"Humanity is alive with one, mutual responsibility of good" 

(The lines from poems of a Novodevichy Monastery’s nun) 


All started after June 25, 2009. 


We were really shocked by the death of a wonderful man, a talented singer, actor, musician Michael Jackson. This is the greatest sorrow from the loss of such person is what we feel now. This is a sorrow of the world’s unfair to Michael. This is an admiration for his talent, his kindness, generosity and caring in relation to others. This is a pain like a pain of the loss of a loved one. Our pain has turned into a burning desire to continue the things that Michael used to do, what he called in his songs, in his speeches, and proved the case for his actions. Nothing is accidental in our life, and that meeting of like-minded people had already been predestined above, our roads crossed. The gradual realization of that nothing good will happen if everybody just sit and shed tears, led to the creation of our organization. It is easier to prove love and respectability by good things and doings.

We sincerely believe that Michael sees our results and smiles down from heaven.


Rainbow of Hearts – Heal the World is a tribute to the great and caring philanthropist. As well as Michael's brother Jermaine Jackson we, want people to know about the charitable side of the personality of Michael. To know about that his really purpose was not only the music and performances, and changing the world. His talent, his songs, his career, and life were just a prelude to the fate ... Continuing Michael's case, each of us gives his bit of warmth and love, that tiny spark of goodness that one day a wonderful, magical child - Peter Pan - Michael Jackson lit in our hearts. "Rainbow" - it's all of us – with different ages, professions, hobbies, nationalities but all of us share a common desire to help and, of course, admiration and love for our dear Michael. "Rainbow" - is his heart, which contained so much love, goodness and light that became like a hero of Gorky's works -Danko, who lit up and continues to illuminate our lives by his burning, indifferent heart.

And the little flown apart around the world sparks are the sun of his loving heart. Now they live in all of us who were not indifferent to Michael during his life, who knew and loved him after death, who admire his talent, his generosity, sincerity and a wonderful desire to give children a fairy–tail, change the world for the better.

And that sparkle lives in your heart and in my one, friend. And now it depends only on us whether we can keep it, do not let it go. Could we love this world like Michael loved it? Could we protect the world as he defended it? Could we be kind, forgiving and loving as Michael Jackson was?  For that when it is our time to go into the eternity, we were ready to meet with Michael and not look away.

Our campaigns like «World Day of Goodness», «Share your smile», «Children’s Jo and others areheld with great success and always bring lots of positive emotions and responses.

It's impossible to forget true children's smiles and happiness! This is most true happiness! This is that Michael has taught us! We are primarily motivated by a desire to help and give as much love and warmth for everything that was brought into the world by Michael will multiplied. For the memory of him that will live forever not only in our hearts, but also in memory of those whom he had helped during his lifetime, and continues now with our help.

We believe that people will listen and finally hear and then discover the meaning of his songs and what his soul sings. That they will stop read ridiculous hearings and encourage the yellow press to write it. That they will think about all world’s values. If all of the strengths people of the world justthought as Michael Jackson did, the world would be much kinder. And wherever Michael is nowhe knows exactly that he could change the world for the better. We start with ourselves, all together and each individually. Everyone can join us with good intentions!


We collect all financial resources by group members, raise our friends' neighbors, colleagues, and of course, many patrons and philanthropists funds who
support our organization. We publish detailed reports 
and the photo and video reports about how much money was obtained and spent from everyone.


Contact information:
Head of Organization: Tatiana Valeriyevna Velk-Uglanova.



e-mail: tatianavelk@gmail.com


Our contacts for assistance:
Plastic card Sberbank of Russia Maestro (Maestro): 676196000028413871
Yandex - Purse: 41001576414247


Thank all loving hearts for support of our organization!
We start with 


/The translation by Valeria Uchevatova./



I'm starting with me

You're gone, and the night has come
You're gone, and the stars were crying in the sky
Falling down...
There is no greater desire in my heart
Than to see you
Touch you
To know, that you are in the place where you are,
That you are happy and endlessly beloved...

But you're gone...,
Only the light of your soul is warming me.
Your laugh, your soft smile,
Your eyes, in which the love and sadness about us
Still forces me to live
And hoping for the meeting in the future...
There is no greater desire in my heart
Than to know, that you are in the place where you are,
That you are happy and endlessly beloved...

Your words have touched my soul.
They fill it with the hope
That everything on Earth is ephemeral and temporal.
That here we are just the guests .
You didn't go away, you just came back to your Father's house,
Where you are waiting now for all of us...
Everyone of us has it's own time, it's own mission...
You believe in us. Believe, that we will (we'll) become better.

That it is possible to change everything.
You didn't go away, you're still with us...
In every dawn and sunset there is your breath.
In the patter of rain and prattle of birds I can hear your voice.
You heal my wounded heart...,
You save me from the thoughtless step.
With your help I'll try to become better.
And striving to the changes in everything, I'm starting with me.

With the man in the mirror, as everyone has it's own one.
You didn't go away, you're still with us...,
But why is it still so painfull for me to breathe...
There is no greater desire in my heart
Than to see you
Touch you
To know, that you're in the place where you are,
That you are happy and endlessly beloved...
I promise that the time of my changes has come;
I'm starting with me...

Jule 28, 2009.

Tatiana Velk -Uglanova

/The translation by Natalia Tolstoy/

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